Pre-painted metal press work

Pre-painted metal press work

Pressing pre-painted sheet metal

When choosing Penne, you are always opting for advanced solutions and innovative products.
That is why we are now using pre-painted sheet steel, which received a number of treatments and layers of paint and can be processed at once.

The possibilities of pre-painted sheet steel are tremendous: not only in high-tech industries, but also for household appliances, office furniture and lighting.
It can deep drawn, pressed or folded using techniques specially developed for this purpose.

Going for pre-painted sheet steel offers you numerous advantages. The most important are:

  • cuts costs enormously because the expensive and time-consuming painting operation disappears
  • the paint layer is of outstanding quality
  • production times are shorter: the number of steps between the starting material and the final product is reduced
  • greater flexibility of production
  • pre-painted sheet steel is more environmentally friendly
  • pre-painted sheet steel is easier to recycle
  • pre-painted sheet steel resists corrosion better



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