Finished products

Finished products

What do you expect of a mail box?

An attractive design?
Durable, high-quality materials?
Weather resistant and maintenance free?
With a five-year warranty?

Perhaps you don’t expect all that of a mail box.
But we do.

We pay just as much attention to a mail box as to our other products. Here too you can expect the highest quality, whether you go for a Steely, a Design, a Design+ or a Trendy.

The Steely, in high-quality galvanised sheet steel, has a durable epoxy coating.

The Design is made from high-quality composite material and has the same durable epoxy coating.

The Design+ is a very large mail box for users such as small and medium-sized  companies, the professions and public services. Just like the smaller Design, it consists of high-quality composite material with a durable epoxy coating.

Finally there is the Trendy.  Our latest model is made of plastic of the highest quality and has any easy-to-attach metal rear panel.

You mail box is available in a variety of RAL colours to match your door or windows. Furthermore, you can choose between fastening it to a wall or mounting it on a support. The mail box is equipped with a security lock and is supplied with two coded keys.

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March 24, 2014

Penne NV has been accorded ISO 14001 environmental certification by the accreditation body DNV. This certification recognizes that all on-site activities conform to strict environmental protection standards.

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