In the production of mechanical components on automatic punching machines and form presses, these days there is increasing reliance on design measures which integrate functionalities into a joint run. The aim: to avoid additional work steps like remodelling, connecting techniques or assembly operations. The advantage of such a method is obvious – after all, components which are as 'finished' as possible, decisively accelerate the process chain and improve the total cost balance. As a result of this "integration offensive" increasingly complex, but above all, larger tools are required.

The Penne S/A company from Aalst, Belgium, also found itself confronted with precisely this challenge. In over 30 years, the company has earned itself an excellent reputation as a complete service provider in the areas of manufacturing of punched components and plastic technology. For the production of their followon dies, the Belgians were now looking particularly for an adequate solution in the area of wire eroding. Following intensive market research, they decided to invest in the FA50-V wire eroding ma-chine from Mitsubishi Electric's Power Master-Line.

It is thus now possible, to work workpieces measuring up to 2,000 x 1,600 x 395 mm and a weight of 4,000 kg, effort-lessly and in the highest quality! However, the FA50-V not only convinces due to the dimensions, as company-owner and managing director Frans Penne emphasizes: "Of course, such large dimensions are impressive – even for us. But in the final analysis the process steps are merely a means to an end. Decisive for us, was the convincing complete package of precision, productivity, reliability, cutting speed […]."

In view of the advantages quoted and the market trend men-tioned at the beginning, this first European installation of the FA50-V has an important pio-neering role.

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June 11, 2015

You probably have seen the announcement boards and the countdown clock on the ring of Aalst. They announce the road works on the ring, which start on the 17th of August.


March 24, 2014

Penne NV has been accorded ISO 14001 environmental certification by the accreditation body DNV. This certification recognizes that all on-site activities conform to strict environmental protection standards.

November 26, 2013

Due to the sustained pressure on production efficiency, Penne initiated early 2012 a phased automation program in order to automate the production lines.

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