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High-tech solutions for metal and plastic parts of the highest quality. That is what our company has specialised in for over 30 years.

We are involved in every step of the process: you tell us what part you need and we’ll develop and manufacture the necessary dies and injection moulds – and of course the part itself. In other words, we take over complete responsibility, from design to mass production.

A simple component of a kitchen implement or a high-tech car part? We will meet your most diverse requirements, from design to production.

Are you already one of our customers? Then you know that we are always striving for excellence.

If you are not yet one of our customers, we invite you to get to know us. We believe in long-lasting business relationships and do everything we can to become your preferred supplier.


In the long-term, Penne is striving for sustainable growth and productivity. We want to achieve this by:

  • diversifying our operations
  • aspiring to leadership
  • investing continuously in men and machines
  • offering high-tech solutions to a diverse customer base


The economy is changeable and the economic climate fickle. This is why we have chosen to diversify our operations across different segments of the market. Our chief markets are:

  • automotive,
  • construction,
  • consumer electronics,
  • industrial applications.


As a 'full service subcontractor' we offer you considerable added value.

Technical advice

You have the full benefit of the specialist knowledge and experience of our technical staff. Penne is your guide !  They listen to your experiences and analyse your needs or problems. With this workflow, we can always keep on developing and improving our equipment.

Reliable deliveries

We want to make the difference: by the precision of our tools, our advanced processes and determined automation.

All the tools we make enjoy a life-time warranty. All the tools entrusted to us are saved and maintained in production-ready condition.

Quality planning

From the very first contact for a new product, we set up a multidisciplinary team, from sale through design to production and quality.

Our intensive dialogue results in a makeable product that meets your functional requirements. At the end of this process we want to meet all your wishes, and those of all our other customers, in order to improve our ‘customer satisfaction score’.

Continuous improvement

Our constant craving for the best solution, also results in better performance and service.

That is why we have allowed the principle of continuous improvement to permeate our entire organisation. Time and again we question all our resources and results, look for where things can be done better and thereby work on every area of our business.


Building today’s consumer and capital goods requires a great variety of components. It is important that they are delivered in perfect shape and on time allowing you to fit them without any problems.  These components should do what they are supposed to, faultlessly and for as long as possible.  To you, as the customer, there are also other important aspects. For example, you want your problems solved at once, in every phase of the process. We’ll take care of it.

You expect the highest quality, without losing sight of the cost. Here, too, we are continuously upping the ante.

In 1997 our continuous striving for quality brought us ISO 9001 certification, followed in 2000 by QS9000 certification (GM, Ford, Chrysler).

By obtaining the top ISO/TS 16949:2002 standard in 2003, we reached the very peak of quality management. This overall certificate that encapsulates a variety of international automotive standards proves that we always offer you the highest attainable quality.

To us this is not an end in itself. We see it as a spur to improving all the time and remaining a leader in the fields in which we operate.

ISO/TS 16949 ISO 9001


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Sustainability and quality are rooted in our company's DNA. 

Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly playing a key role in business management. It is a fine example of how global thinking is changing.  Penne NV is well aware of the fact that also the distant future must be sustainable and approaches corporate sustainability pragmatically.

This led early 2014 to our ISO14001 certification. This internationally accepted standard describes the requirements that an effective Environmental Management System must meet. The standard has been designed to establish the delicate balance between profitability and environment. Throughout the comprehensive process of obtaining this ISO 14001 certificate, Penne NV took several measures such as drawing up, planning and implementing an environmental policy, regular inspections and the continuous implementation of improvements and corrective measures.